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Kenya is a habitat to many New Charismatic Movements (NCMs) today. What mainly causes them? What factors lead to their rapid proliferation yet the mainline churches have been in existence in Kenya for more than a century? This study which was conducted in the month of December 2013 undertakes to investigate their causes especially in the Kenyan urban centers. The study has identified various factors that contribute to the rise and growth of the NCMs in Kenya, which mainly revolve around all dimensions of life including economic, social, political, psychological, cultural, political, and religious. The main factors are hopelessness, sense of communal belonging, unanswered questions in life, psychological satisfaction, search for vision, recognition, spiritual needs and poverty. So some of these causes are genuine while others not. Nevertheless one thing is clear: These NCMs have a future in Kenya as other denominations or religious organizations are not able to address needs of the Kenyan people.



Keywords: Kenya, New Charismatic Movements, Rapid Proliferation