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Development of Writing Teaching Material of Negotiation Text Based on Experience of Students Class X Man 2 Model Padangsidimpuan (Published)

This study aims to find out about the results of development of teaching materials of negotiation text based on experience of students class X MAN 2 Model Padangsidimpuan. The teaching materials developed is modular. The research method used is research and development method of Research and Development (R & D) referenced on Borg & Gall model which proposed by Wina Sanjaya. The result of the research showed that: (1) validation of material experts include the feasibility of the content with an average of 93.75% on very good criteria, the feasibility of presentation with an average of 92.04% on very good criteria, and the evaluation of the language aspect with the average of 92.70% on very good criteria, (2) design expert validation with an average of 84,16% on either criterion, (3) teacher responses with an average of 87.25% on very good criteria, (4) individual testing with an average of 78.23% on either criterion, (5) small group trials with an average of 84.70% on good criteria , and (6) limited field tests with an average of 90.14% on very good criteria. The result of the test is to write the negotiation text of the student before using the module amounts to 70,12, while the result of the test of writing negotiation text of the student after using the module increased by 80,31. The difference is 10,19 from before to after using module. This proves that teaching materials to write negotiation text developed can improve student learning outcomes by using experiential learning.

Keywords: Development, Experience-Based, Negotiation Text, Teaching Materials

Post-Test Learning Result After Using Teaching Learning on Negotiation Text Based on Problem For X Grade Students At Senior High School 19 Medan (Published)

Teaching material of negatiation text writing developed contains theory and the steps in writing negatiation text adapted with the student’s environment, the examples of negotiative text, visual picture about negotiative text closing to students’life, so it more interest and can motivate the students to write. In this research, researcher designs the teaching material namely module that is valid used by teacher and students in learning process based on student’s characteristic and potensial in the school. teaching material based the form is differentiated into four types, namely printed teaching material, listening teaching material, audio visual teaching material and interactive teaching material. The use of teaching material of negotiation text based on problem is more effective to improve student’s learning. It shows that the result of student’s learning taught uses the module developed higher than the student’s result that is not taught by using module or only text book at Senior High School 19 Medan, Indonesia.

Keywords: Negotiation Text, Post-Test Learning, Students, Teaching