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Technical and Vocational Teachers’ Perception of the Influence of the National Commission for Colleges of Education Accreditation Exercise on Some Quality Indicators in NCE (Technical) Training Institutions (Published)

This study investigated the perceptions of NCE Vocational/technical teacher trainers on the influence of the NCCE accreditation exercise on some indicators or quality in the NCE Vocational/technical teacher training programmes. Five NCE Vocational/technical teacher training institutions and their 176 teachers took part in study. The research data was collected using questionnaire as instrument for data collection. Mean score was used for analyzing the data. The results, among other things, showed that accreditation in the institutions led to the employment of staff with the relevant qualifications. It did not result to the employment of adequate number of staff, improved provision of adequate number of classrooms, departmental libraries, workshops and laboratories with relevant facilities as seats, books, journals and quality tools and equipment. The implication is that the programme should be taken very serious if quality will be assured in our tertiary institutions.

Keywords: Accreditation Exercise, NCCE, NCE (Technical), Quality indicators, TVE Teachers perception, Training Institutions