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Ventilation for Comfort in Passive Residential Living Spaces in a Warm-Humid Urban Environment (Published)

The natural ventilation provision for comfort in selected residential estate buildings in Ibadan, Nigeria was assessed in this paper. This was with a view to assessing the indoor air movement for comfort and sustainability of passively operated urban living spaces within a warm-humid climatic environment. Systematic sampling was used to select 91 buildings from the 273 in the estate. The ventilation analysis indicated that the living-room spaces in the buildings had adequate comfort ventilation with the average indoor wind speed obtained ranging from 0.21m/s to 0.24m/s. In the comfort survey it was found that 82% of the total votes of the respondents were within the comfort zone and 72% of the respondents preferred their naturally ventilated spaces to air-conditioned spaces. The buildings were adjudged to be comfortable and sustainable since they operate passively and are maintained at no extra cost to the users.


Keywords: Adaptive comfort, Sustainability, Ventilation, Warm humid, naturally ventilated spaces