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Examination of Exogenous Determinant in Developed Tourism Site: Abuja Tourism Sites, Nigeria. (Published)

The ecological system of our environment has always being in focal point as regard to the development of human and nature. The determinant of nature and environmental hazards is man and their activity, the topography of the environment has its role to play and in this research; the causes and management of natural disaster will be examined and the contributors to this disaster will be considered. The nature of natural disaster will also be x-rayed, through the effects of environmental hazard in human activities. Literatures will be reviewed in the areas of development, environment, infrastructures and superstructure of natural disaster; it reveals the contribution of natural disaster and its impact on development. Structured questionnaires were used for data collection. Data collected were analyzed using table and simple percentage analysis and chart. Result showed that the main contributing factor for to natural disaster is man and its activities, through environmental degradation and misuse. Therefore, based on the results of the study, it is recommended that government policies should be up held and forced by the persons concerned in the areas of preserving the nature.

Keywords: Tourism Development, Tourism Infrastructure, Tourism Superstructure, natural disaster and environmental hazards.