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Within the background of most graduates of Social Studies Education not being entrepreneurial enough to contribute to national development after school, The research on Teachers’ Motivational Skills In Social Studies Education And Comprehensive Education Towards National Development in Nigeria aimed at determining if motivational skills of the teacher important for a comprehensive learning of Social Studies Education is a factor for comprehensive education towards the development of our nation. The ex-post facto research design was adopted for the study. A null hypothesis was formulated to guide the study. The data for the work were collected with the help of a PTMSIC questionnaire as the working instrument. The stratified random sampling technique and the simple random sampling technique were adopted for the choice of samples from the population which was made up of Social Studies Education Students from Akwa Ibom State. The face and content validity were established and the alpha Cronbach coefficient was used to establish the reliability of the instrument. The collected data were coded and analysed using the one way analysis of variance (ANOVA). The hypothesis was calculated at F-value of 31.89 and was significant at 0.05 levels with a critical value of 3.00. The Fishers’LSD Multiple Comparison Analysis was used to determine the group means that brought the significance. All showed that students with moderate and high level perception of teachers’ motivational skills experienced more competence in Social Studies Education towards national development than students with low level perception. Based on the above result conclusions were drawn and some recommendations made

Keywords: National Development, Social Studies, Teachers’ Motivation

Terrorism and the Challenge of National Development: Rethinking the Nigerian Dilemma (Review Completed - Accepted)

Terrorism in whatever dimension poses threat and insecurities to human existence in regards to which defenseless nations live in perpetual fears and anxiety. Knowing full well that Security is presently a major challenge in Nigeria and Nigerians are killed on daily basis and in their numbers. Though the government claims to be on top of the situation, the problem persists. The effects of these acts of terrorism are the threats they posed to national security, peace, unity and development of the country. This paper examines Terrorism and the Challenge of National Development, rethinking the Nigerian Dilemma. It provides a basic discourse on the concept of terrorism and national development while focusing on basic issues such on the development perspective. It also analyzes the implications of terrorism which range from economic crises to political instability. This paper observes that there is a negative relationship between terrorism and development in accordance with literature and hence recommends that the government should take the business of addressing issues of terrorism as priority one on the agenda.

Keywords: Dilemma, National Development, National Security, Political Instability, Terrorism, Underdevelopment