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Restructuring: Resolving the National Question in Nigeria (Published)

The paper titled “Restructuring Resolving the National Question in Nigeria” x-rays the challenges befacing the country in the quest for national unity and integration. The study using content analysis and qualitative research through adoption of secondary data and oral interview found amongst others the divergent and often contradictory opinions of Nigerian elites on wide range of issues such as national structure, fiscal federation, national security to mention but few. The primordial character of the ruling class, poor governance at all levels as well as selfish disposition of elites as largely responsible for the loud demand for restructuring. The study therefore concludes that the centrifugal tendencies of Nigerian ruling class is responsible for the outcry for restructuring. The study recommended amongst others the strengthening of institutions and governance mechanisms and behavioural modifications of Nigerians.

Keywords: Good Governance, National conference, National integration, Restructuring, federating units


This paper highlighted the ethno-religious pluralism and the attendant rivalry and violent conflicts in Nigeria. It also critically analyzed the proposed National Conference (NC) in the light of its potentials in reducing the age-long ethno-religious resentments and sectarian violence that have been tearing the country apart. Although the authors condemned the unilateral and arbitrary amalgamation of January 1st 1914, they believe that a genuine National Conference can solve and undo the mistakes of the past. Using a historical phenomenological approach, it was found that a genuine national conference or dialogue is an inevitable solution to the threat of disintegration in Nigeria

Keywords: Amalgamation, Ethnic groups, Ethno-religious Pluralism, National conference, conflicts.