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Amodified Table Compared Algorithmic Framework for Autonomously Evaluating Election Results (Published)

Election monitoring and evaluation is a valuable tool for improving the quality of elections. It can help promotes, protects the civil and political rights of participants in election.  The purpose of monitoring and evaluation of an election results is to help build public confidence in the honesty of electoral processes. In this paper, we designed software agent that will autonomously monitor and evaluate the election results in online voting system using Php, Javascripting, Java programming language and MySQL as a platform for agent environment.  A software agent was designed and  incorporated  into the online voting system  unknown to the users to monitor the election votes, report any compromise and location of such  comprise to designed authourity through phone and emails. The agent allows timely generation of exceptional reports and alerts. This will help the voters and decision makers, users to act faster on the anomalies that could occur during the voting process.  Further, the Prometheus methodology was used for the design of the Application.

Keywords: Agent, Election, MySQL., Software, Vote, online, voters

Design and Implementation of an Android-Based Physical Test Practice App (Published)

In view of the current situation that it is difficult for students to fully understand the spirit of the constitution testing policy documents, the training and guidance methods are not complete, and the physical test scoring means are extremely complicated, the author designed and developed the physical test practice software based on the Android platform, the server side uses PHP language programming, and the database uses MySQL.This APP is mainly used for training and guidance of college students’ physical test practice. Practical application shows that the developed system runs well with simple and convenient operation, and can better meet the basic requirements of physical test practice.

Keywords: Android, MySQL., PHP, Physical Test, System Design