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Review of Corpus-Based Studies in the Representation of Muslims and Islam in the Western Media (Published)

The purpose of this study is to develop a comprehensive review of literature on the attitude of Western media including films and magazines, towards Muslims and the Islamic religion by way of reviewing existing studies in relevant literature. The findings from the sources considered are used in making inferences and conclusions about the general attitude of some Western media towards Muslims and the Islamic religion, whilst also analyzing some of the terminologies used in reference to Muslims, especially Muslim Women. The impact of the identified attitude was highlighted and the conclusion of the study is that most of Western media holds a highly negative and condescending view towards Muslims and the Islamic religion. 

Keywords: Corpus, Islam, Muslims, Western media

Educational Role Of Anjman-E-Islamia Muzaffargarh (1920-Update) (Published)

After the failure of the revolt 1857, it was turning point in the history of the Muslims of subcontinent.   At last they have lost their political power in the India. Their economic sources were reduced and socio-cultural equipment was not adapted to succeed under the British rule. The Muslims of India were facing demise in every aspect of life. Muzaffargarh was a most backward district of the country .There was lack of education. People were almost ignorant and they had no interest to acquire educationkno .Some chairity institutions were founded in the district.  The major institution was Anjman-e-Islamia Muzaffargarh with small institutions in the district like Madarsa Manba-ul- Alom and Anjman Shaban-ul-Muslimin. Both institutions were running with the support of Anjman-e-Islamia Muzaffargarh. This study is about the role of Anjman-e- Islamia Muzaffargarh.Anjman played an important role in spreading education in the district. Anjman was a fourm of the Muslim in District Muzaffargarh to highlight their socio-cultural problems. It was asignificant factor in stimulating political awareness among the Muslims of the district. 

Keywords: Anjman, Education, Muslims, Muzaffargarh

Religious Faith, Flourishing and Self-Efficacy in Young Adults: A Correlational Study (Published)

The present research explored the interrelationship of religious faith, flourishing and general self-efficacy (GSE) in young adults. Based on literature review, it was hypothesized that there would be a positive association of religious faith, flourishing and GSE. Sample consisted of 222 regular students (110 men and 112 women) who were all Muslims, with ages ranging from 18-26 years (M=21, SD= 1.96) and educational level ranging from 13 to 18 years of education from University of Karachi, Pakistan. Participants were required to fill in the informed consent form along with their demographic information, and the questionnaires. Questionnaires included a) Abbreviated Santa Clara Strength of Religious Faith Questionnaire (SCSRFQ-Brief; Plante, Vallaeys, Sherman, & Wallston, 2002), Generalized Self-Efficacy Scale (GSE; Schwarzer & Jerusalem, 1995) and Flourishing Scale (FS; Diener, Wirtz, Tov, Kim-Prieto, Choi, Oishi, & Biswas-Diener, 2009). Descriptive statistics were used to summarize the sample characteristics. Pearson’s r was computed to find out the interrelationship of the variables. Results revealed statistically significant and positive correlations among religious faith, psychological flourishing and GSE. The implications and limitations of the study and recommendations for future research were also discussed

Keywords: Flourishing, General Self-Efficacy, Muslims, Pakistani, Religious Faith, Young Adults

Religious Conflicts In Nigeria And Their Impacts On Social Life (Published)

Our thinking, feeling and relation with other people impact our belief system.  in some societies religious conflicts are not more common but there are some countries where these religious conflicts are that much powerful that they even effect the lives of the people in the society. It is also common practice that usually these type of conflicts arises in the developing and under-developing counties. Developing countries have some other issues to fight on.  As far as Nigeria is concerned, this is the country where this conflict is more powerful than any other concept. This paper is about the religious conflicts of the people in Nigeria and its impact on their social lives

Keywords: Christians, Muslims, Religion., Sharia Law, Social Life