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Important Comparison About the Use of Multiple Linear Regression and Logistic Regression with Applications (Published)

This is paper presented a multiple linear regression model and logistic regression model, according to assumptions of both models. The paper depended on logistic regression model because the dependent variable is nominal. It also used preparatory year data collected from the College of Business and Economics, Qassim University to know the effect of student grades and gender, as independent variables, on the student status as dependent variable. The paper found that the grades have not a significant effect on the student status while the gender has a significant effect on the student status. The comparison between the multiple regression model and the logistic regression model showed that the logistic regression model is the most appropriate for determining the relationship between the student’s status as a dependent variable and the students’ grades, and gender as independent variables. The paper recommends the use of logistic regression, especially if the dependent variable is nominal.

Keywords: Logistic regression, Multiple Regression, significant effect, student's status⸲ students' grades

Profitability in the Red Meat Industry on the Ghanaian Livestock Market: Evidence from a Publically-Owned Red Meat Facility (Published)

We examined the profitability of a publically owned enterprise in Kumasi-Ghana. Specifically, the study sought to; determine the costs and returns, associated with operations, assess the factors that affect the profitability, and identify the challenges faced by management in their operations. Non-probability purposive sampling was used to select the study area. Structured interviews were used as primary data whereas a 10-year financial statement was the secondary data source. The result showed a positive profitability index of 0.88 and operation ratio of 0.93 although the gross margin analysis produced an operating loss (π) of (GHȻ (37,331)) given a TAC of GHȻ 4,409,972, TVC of GHȻ 10,148,464, TR of GHȻ 14,059,680, and a GM of GHȻ 4,372,644. The regression model confirmed that factors that affect the profitability of abattoir enterprise are influenced by eight factors namely; Salaries/Wages, Electricity/Water, Plant repair/maintenance, plant/market consumables, cleaning detergents, pension contribution, depreciation expense and packaging/labelling at r=0.86.

Keywords: Gross Margin Model, Mean Score Model, Multiple Regression, Non-Probability Purposive Sampling, Profitability, Red-Meat Industry