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A Case Study on College English Teacher’ S Non-Verbal Behaviours under the Setting of Multimodality (Published)

In multimedia classroom teaching context, teacher’s proper nonverbal communication plays a crucial role in the successful transmission of information and interaction between teachers and students. This paper, based on Multimodal Discourse Analysis and Systemic Functional Linguistic, adopts case study analysis of the teachers’ non-verbal behaviours and visual modes in PPT courseware, aiming to explore how various modes cooperate to facilitate teacher-students interaction and realize three metafunctions in class. The author expects this study will be of help in elevating the teacher’s awareness of non-verbal behaviours in teaching to optimize the teaching and learning effect in class.

Keywords: Actional modes, Multimodal Discourse Analysis, Teachers’ non-verbal behaviours, Visual modes

A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Selected Male Circumcision Posters Used in Zimbabwe (Published)

Zimbabwe has one of the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rates in the world with an estimated rate of 14, 7% .In 2009, Zimbabwe adopted Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision for HIV prevention based on Randomised Controlled Trials conducted in South Africa, Uganda and Kenya which showed 60 % efficacy in prevention of HIV in heterosexual men. Using a Multimodal Discourse Analysis approach the study focuses on the various interpretations of multimodal features of VMMC posters. The present study concluded that while there is an overwhelming support for the roll out of VMMMC for HIV prevention the uptake of VMMC could be improved if male circumcision messages are clearly and effectively framed.

Keywords: Multimodal Discourse Analysis, Systemic Functional Linguistics and Male Circumcision.