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Fuzzy Logic Based Quality of Service Evaluation in Multimedia Transmission over Ad Hoc Wireless Network (Published)

The use of ICT to bridge the gap that exists in the area of customer service satisfaction between an internet service provider (ISP) and the subscribing customer in the process of providing internet services cannot be overemphasized. Fuzzy logic has emerged as a tool to deal with qualitative decision making problems in order to achieve robustness, tractability, and low cost.  This paper proposes a fuzzy logic model for evaluation of quality of service (QoS) in multimedia transmission. In order to achieve our objectives, we develop a prototype of a computer aided system for an intelligent quality of service using fuzzy logic model.  The study designs a decision support system for the quality of service intelligence system. We design a fuzzy logic evaluator for the quality of service computing system using; MATLAB toolbox and windows 7 operating system. The result indicates that our model is able to detect and restore any QoS deterioration in real-time and thus, providing good and efficient QoS for customer satisfaction.

Keywords: Broadband Access System, Fuzzy Logic, Multimedia Transmission, Quality of Service (QoS)