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Use of Multimedia technologies in English language learning: A Study (Published)

Use of Multimedia technologies in teaching English language is one of the best recent and technological approaches in language learning, especially to inculcate and strengthen the opportunities to achieve objectives of language pedagogy. In the present times, many academicians and professionals get to know the significance of using various technological devices in the procedure of language teaching and learning equally. The new approaches have made language learning more productive, effective, and communicative. So therefore, in the study, definitions of some important terms that related to innovation such as Multimedia, ICT are given. Further, some exploration of the possibilities to use Multimedia applications for effective learning of English is to be attempted.  Moreover this study will interpret the learners’ attitudes towards the use of Multimedia technologies for learning English. Finally the conclusion is drawn as per the survey results indicated.

Keywords: Learner’s attitude, Learning English, Multimedia Technologies, language skills