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Investigating Indoor Ventilation in Multi-habited houses: A case of Ogbomoso, Nigeria (Published)

The study investigated the indoor natural ventilation condition in multi-habited houses in the traditional core of Ogbomoso. Factors affecting natural ventilation in buildings such as orientation, external spacing, landscape and opening conditions were assessed through physical observations and direct measurements. Data on indoor air movement (velocity) was obtained with the use of kestrel 4500 pocket weather and environmental metre after due calibration with the climatic data of Ogbomoso which had earlier been obtained from the Nigeria meteorological station; the data was obtained in order to assess the level of ventilation and air movement in their various spaces. A living room, a bedroom and a kitchen (which are spaces where residents spend most time) were randomly selected in each multi-habited building for the purpose of the study. Obtained results were compared with the standard values given by scholars Borda-Dias and Chand. The study found all factors affecting natural ventilation to be grossly inadequate when compared with standards just as low air velocity level was also recorded in all their spaces (0.08 minimum and 0.48m/s maximum observed as against minimum of 0.50m/s recommended by Borda-Dias). The study concluded that there is a likelihood of high dependency on active driven mechanical devices in the study area if suitable indoor thermal comfort is to be achieved. The study recommended that a more awareness level on natural ventilation systems should be created and a rehabilitation of multi-habited homes in the study area is suggested.


Citation: Abdulrasaq Kunle Ayinla and Ilelabayo Ismail Adebisi (2021) Investigating Indoor Ventilation in Multi-habited houses: A case of Ogbomoso, Nigeria, International Journal of Civil Engineering, Construction and Estate Management, Vol.9, No.3, pp.1-15

Keywords: Energy, Natural Ventilation, Thermal Comfort, multi-habitation, natural cooling