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Educational Attainment Favourability Mapping With the Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) (Published)

The educational attainment belongs to the core of the educational researches;  and, researchers within this domain are attempting to develop the ‘tools and techniques’ of demarcating the areas having a degree of advancement or backwardness in terms of attainment; as well as effort is being made to examine the internal functions of the interactive variables associated with the process. In the present study we try to apply the algorithm of Analytical Hierarchy Process in mapping the spatial differentiation of the favourability of educational attainment in the district of Purulia, a backward districts in terms of achieved level of human development in India.  The output from the model has been validated with the variable of Mean Year of Schooling which is a recognized indicator of the prevailing level of attainment. The spatial mapping of educational favourability is done.

Keywords: AHP, Multi criteria, Pair wise comparison matrix, developing countries