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Evaluation of Hypoglycemic Properties of Mucuna Cochichinensis Unripe Carica Papaya and Unripe Musa Paradisiaca Flour Blends (Published)

Quantitative and qualitative phytochemical analysis of Mucuna Cochichinensis, unripe Carica papaya and unripe Musa paradisiaca flour blends were carried out. Alkaloid ranges from 1.20-2.20, tannin ranges from 0.16-2.4, saponin ranges from 1.19-1.67 and flavoniod ranges from 1.72-2.63%. MPPB had the highest phytochemical content. The hypoglycemic activity of the different flour blends where investigated on alloxan diabetic rats using Acc-check Active gluconometer daily for two weeks. Samples elicited hypoglycemic potential with sample MPPB giving the highest hypoglycemic activity reducing the hypoglycemic blood glucose concentration from 13.10mMol/l to 4.33mMol/l. The presence of high phytochemical in MPPB reversed hyperglycemia caused by alloxan- diabetics in male wister rats. MPPB is seen to be more effective and may be used for the treatment and management of diabetes mellitus.

Keywords: Carica Papaya Musa Paradisiacal, Hypoglycemic, Mucuna Cochichimesis