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Suitability of North Northeast (Nigeria) Moulding Sands for Foundry Use – A Review (Published)

This paper would discuss appropriately on the suitability of northeast sand for small and medium casting industries. Many researches had been carried out using different sand. Most of these materials have not been explored in this part of the country. This justified the need for the search of a more suitable, available material. The material(sand) obtained from various places had been analyzed based on their properties such as shape and distribution of sand grains, permeability, strength, refractoriness, thermal stability, moisture content, bulk density, sieve analysis, moisture content, Clay content, permeability, shatter index, flowability, thermal stability, collapsibility, heat conductivity, reusability, hardness, shattered index, casting finish, dry compressive strength and green compressive strength from relevant literatures. The procedure for the whole experiment must go with a known standard.

Keywords: Binder, Dry compressive strength., Mouldability, Sand grains, Shatter index