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Design, Construction and Testing of Manual and Motorized Meat Slicing/Drying Machine: A Review (Published)

A manually and motorized meat slicing/drying machine would be in high demand in Africa as a single unit. This research review was done to improve the existing work on meat mincing machine. The slicing/dryng operation is based on the principle of shearing of meat tissues by the use of cutting zone of the machine. The device would be designed based on locally available raw materials, ease of operation and low cost. The fabricated parts comprise the following components: hopper, shaft, shaft housing, perforated plate, blade, ring screw, knife, bearing housing, receiver, stand and crank handle. From the analysis carried out on the study, it was discovered that many people are consuming unhygienic meat in Africa most especially Nigeria. Due to this, more research work most carried out to address the current method used by the meat sellers.

Keywords: Manual, Parameters, mincer, motorized