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Effect of Dreyful Model On Motor Vehicle Mechanic Work Trade (MVMW) on Students Performance and Interest in Colleges, in Bauchi State. (Published)

This study identified the effect of Dreyful Model on Motor Vehicle Mechanic Work trade (MVMW) on student’s performance and interest in technical colleges in Bauchi State.  Pre-test, post-test, non-equivalent control group quasi-experimental design, was used to guide the study. Specifically, the study seeks to find out the effect of using; Dreyful Model of training compared to Lectures method on student’s performance and interest on Motor Vehicle Mechanic Work Trade. The population for this study comprises of 100 respondents NTC I/II students of MVMW. The sample size for this study was 80 NTC I/II students and 20 teachers were selected for the study. Instruments used for data collection were: Auto-mechanics Achievement Test (AAT) with 50 multiple questions, marking scheme answers options (A-C) and Auto-Mechanics Interest Inventory (AMII) with 40 items. Score guide sheet based on five-point rating scale was used by teachers.The research work will help to improve the performance and interest of the students in (MVMW) in technical colleges of Bauchi State.

Citation: Inuwa I. M., Adamu S.B. and Isah M. K. (2023) Effect Of Dreyful Model On Motor Vehicle Mechanic Work Trade (MVMW) On Students Performance And Interest In Colleges, In Bauchi State, International Journal Of Vocational And Technical Education Research, Vol.9, No.1 Pp.1-8

Keywords: Auto-Mechanics, Dreyful Model, Interest Inventory, Mechanic Work., Motor Vehicle

Core Skills Required by Graduates of Motor Vehicle Mechanic Work For Maintaining Anti-Lock Braking System of Modern Cars in Lagos State (Published)

The study was carried out to determine the core skills required by graduates of motor vehicle mechanic work for maintaining anti-lock braking system of modern cars in Lagos State. A survey research design was employed for the study. The population for the study comprised 204 supervisors in 68 registered automobile maintenance industries in Lagos State. A structured questionnaire item was used for collecting data from the respondents. The instrument was validated by three experts. Cronbach alpha reliability method was employed to determine the internal consistency of the questionnaire items and 0.82 was obtained as reliability coefficient. Three research questions guided the study while three null hypotheses formulated were tested at 0.05 level of significance. Mean was used for answering research questions while t-test statistics was used to test the hypotheses of no significant difference at 0.05 levels of significance and 183 degree of freedom. It was found out that all the thirteen competencies in servicing, twenty four competencies in repairing anti-lock braking system and ten safety competencies identified were required by graduates of MVMW for maintaining anti-lock braking system. It was recommended that all the maintenance-abilities or competencies identified in the study should be used to retrain the graduates of MVMW in Lagos State. It was also recommended that experts and specialists in ABS maintenance should be employed to train the graduates of MVMW.

Keywords: Anti-Lock, Braking System, Core-Skills, Lagos State, Modern Cars, Motor Vehicle, graduates