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Motivational Factors and Job Performance of Academic Librarians in University Libraries in Ogun State, Nigeria (Published)

Librarians’ performance is getting tasking and duties assigned must be completed at the expected time, through an effective and efficient manner. Librarians’ performance seems to be low in the libraries located in Ogun State, Nigeria where they work. Motivational factors stimulate individuals to put in their best to see to the completion of an assigned duty/task. Literature has not being fully established on how motivational factors influence job performance of librarians in Ogun State, Nigeria. It is on this premise that this study aimed to find out the influence of motivational factors on job performance of librarians in university libraries in Ogun State, Nigeria.Survey research design was used in this research. The population of the study was 201 librarians from the nine university libraries in Ogun State, Nigeria. Total enumeration technique was employed. A validated self-constructed structured questionnaire was used for data collection. A response rate of 61% was achieved. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive.The findings revealed descriptively that librarians’ job performance was moderate at an overall mean score of 2.80 on a five point Likert scale with quantity of work output being the least score of 2.69. The extent to which librarians were motivated had an overall mean score of 2.00 which showed a low extent of motivation on a five Likert type scale. The most prevalent motivational factor is compensation (Mean = 2.07) while recognition of librarians was  X=1.87, which indicates that librarians in these institutions were not recognized.The study concluded that motivational factors in these university libraries in Ogun State, Nigeria were low, therefore recommending that there should be an increase in the extent of motivation management of the library. Also, there be encouragement to improve performance of librarians in the libraries by the management of the libraries and the institution at large

Keywords: Job Performance, Librarians, Motivational Factors, job performance of librarians, university libraries

A Review of Literature on the Concept, Motivations and Factors affecting the Successes of Veteran Entrepreneurs (Published)

The beam light is now shifting to veteran entrepreneurs because of their contribution to business creation. The life experience during military service provide veterans with certain capabilities and skills that are directly related to entrepreneurship. Although veterans’ entrepreneurship is a fast-growing domain in entrepreneurship literature, there is little systematic knowledge about it in developing nations like Nigeria, thus, creating a literature gap. This chapter fills the research void in Nigeria by extensively reviewing of literature on veteran entrepreneurship to enable an understanding of veteran experiences in the enterprise journey and as well as awaken researchers’ interest on the subject. The paper unravels the motivations of veterans in business. The paper also covers the concept of veteran entrepreneurship and factors affecting the successes of veteran entrepreneurs. This study is important as it informs policy makers the factors that influence veteran entrepreneurs to enable policy decisions that can mitigate veterans challenges in business.


Keywords: Motivational Factors, Nigeria, drivers of vetrepreneurs, military entrepreneurship, veteran entrepreneurs, vetrepreneurship

Private Tutoring of English: Motivational Practices in the Lived Experiences of Bangladeshi Higher Secondary Students (Published)

This article aims to address one main and three sub- research questions by presenting and analyzing the findings. The article analyzed the lived experiences of eleven Bangladeshi higher secondary school students to provide insight into their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values and assumptions of private tutoring of English (PT-E). Each participant participated in a one-to -one in-depth semi-structured interview. To justify research questions of the study, 267 significant statements (i.e., significant phrases or sentences that pertained directly to the lived experience of PT-E participants) were identified from 11 verbatim transcripts of interviewees. As of 267 significant statements, four themes are originated from the analysis of the participants’ responses to the interview questions.


Keywords: Bangladesh, Motivational Factors, higher secondary school, private tutoring of english, shadow education, supplementary tutoring

Motivational Factors As Determinants of Employee Commitment and Performance Enhancement in Profit Oriented Firms: A Survey of Selected Brewery Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria (Published)

The objective of the study is to investigate the Impact of Motivational Factors such as extrinsic, intrinsic rewards and social motivational on employee commitment and performance enhancement in profit oriented firms with a focus on selected Brewery Manufacturing firms in Nigeria. Data for this research is obtained from both primary and secondary sources. The sample size for the study is 280 from six (6) Brewery firms. Multiple Regression test was used in testing the two (2) formulated hypotheses. The study findings revealed that motivational factors such as Intrinsic, extrinsic and social motivation have a good relationship with employee commitment and performance enhancement in profit oriented firms especially Brewery manufacturing companies. Other findings were that lack of motivational incentives will lead to employee frustration in these companies. The study recommended that adequate and consistent provision of intrinsic, extrinsic and social motivational incentive packages to staff to facilitate employee commitment and high performance attainment is important at all times. The study also recommended that, establishing organizational objectives and goals by companies is a good starting point by management to know the essential motivational incentives that should be granted to employees for productivity attainment.

Keywords: Employee Commitment, Motivational Factors, Performance Enhancement, Profit-Oriented Firms.