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Motivation to Work between Western Theories and Islam (Published)

This research aims is to highlight the position of the Islamic thought in the field of motivation to work; and to demonstrate its potential applicability in contemporary reality, and how it can be utilized in researches and studies related to the various aspects and applications of management science in general. In addition, the paper makes a comparison between the western theories and the Islamic theory in this regard. Some of the findings of this paper are as follows: (i) The system of administrative incentives in Islam encompasses all the human aspects; whether they were material, moral or spiritual ones, whereas the other contemporary systems of employee motivation only cover the material and moral aspects of the human beings. (ii) Muslim individuals are driven to work by motivational forces more than they are driven by work incentives. (iii) Islam presumes that the performance, productivity and effort of Muslim workers/ employees, who are committed to the tenets of their faith, don’t fluctuate according to changes in the material or moral incentives offered to them, nor to changes in the supervision and control techniques applied to them.

Keywords: Administrative Incentive, Islamic Management, Motivation to Work