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Students’ Motivation in Using Jigsaw Strategy on Civics Education of the Class Vii Students of Smp Td Pardede Foundation Sunggal in 2016/2017, Medan, Indonesia (Published)

The students consider the lesson of Civics is a less important lesson so that they are less skilled in following the subject matter, consequently they are lazy to learn and t are also not trying to learn seriously. Based on the data obtained from SMP TD Pardede Foundation Sunggal, Civics learning has not run maximally, this can be proven based on the preliminary observations done in SMP TD Pardede Foundation Sunggal. It is found that the score of Civics learning result of Class VII students of TD Pardede Foundation Sunggal with Jigsaw strategy has an average score 75,82 that can be said to be enough, because from 35 students 48,5% score of learning result is above the average.

Keywords: Motivation; Jigsaw Strategy; Civic Education; Students