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The Complexion in the Theology Concept of Moslem Batak Toba Lecturers in University: Case Study in Indonesia (Published)

This study is aimed at describing the theology concept of Moslem Batak Toba lecturers in Universitas Negeri Medan (UNIMED), Indonesia. Therefore, he methodology used in this study was ethnography approach, which is part of the qualitative method. The techniques used in collecting the data were observation, interview and documentation. From this study, it can be found that there are three (3) tendencies of Moslem Batak Toba lecturers’ theology concepts. They are naqliyah, ‘aqliyah and “new theology”. In conclusion, Moslem Batak Toba lecturers in UNIMED have complexion in theology concept but the complexion always relates to their culture, religion and ideology even though in the “new theology” they can separate the area of culture and religion.

Keywords: Indonesia, Moslem Batak Taba, Religion., Theology