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This paper aims at making contributions in finding solutions to the problems, which conflict leaves behind wherever and whenever it happens. Disagreements or controversies between opposing parties that lead to conflicts in all aspects of life when not well managed have left tales of woes that are akin to reminiscence of after war effects in areas where they happened. The all-knowing God, who knew ahead of time what might happen to the fledgling nation of Israel as she entered into her Land of Promise, provided the Mosaic Laws that would checkmate misdemeanours of the people in their inter-relationship with each other and God Himself. This is purely a library research. Several books were consulted, which made it easy to crystallize a message for application. It is expected that any people that apply the message of the Mosaic Law in their daily living are likely to avoid conflicts that have devastating effects on them. Although the laws were given to Israel to govern her life in the land of promise for blessing instead of cursing, there was an attendant purpose in the giving of the Mosaic Law to Israel—a purpose that still stands today. Simply put, its proper use is to show man his total helpless and hopeless condition before a righteous and just God. The thesis of this paper is therefore to encourage people to employ the tenets of the Mosaic Law and to avoid or ameliorate the problem(s) caused by conflicts.

Keywords: Conflict Resolution, Mosaic Law