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Home-School Collaboration on the Development of Value Education of Primary School Pupils in Ondo West Local Government Area (Published)

The future of any nation rests on the shoulders of the youths and younger generations as they in the nearest future will become the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, goal targeted at this group of persons must be valuable and focused at helping them accomplish their purpose as would-be future leaders of the nation. For this reason, the goal of early childhood education is for the children to develop holistically emphasising physical, social, moral, intellectual and emotional development without leaving out any one of them. In recent times, it has been noticed that the society have been flooded with youths whose moral values are at the lowest ebb and with little or no exhibition of sound value education. This paper examines the home-school collaboration on the development of moral values and value education of primary school pupils. It identifies the factors leading to moral decadence in children from home and the school and examines ways that the home and the school can collaborate to correct the menace of immorality that has taken over the youths in the society. The study adopted the survey research design and a self-designed instrument: Teachers and Development of Moral Values and Value Education of Primary School Pupils Questionnaire (TDMVVEPSPQ) was used to collect data for the study. 50 primary school teachers and 50 parents were selected at random which made up the population of the study. Four research questions were raised. Result were analysed using percentage, mean and standard deviation. Findings from the study suggested that the pattern of parenting styles and the school attitude towards moral education were the major factors against moral development in children and it was recommended that there is need for teachers and parents to join efforts together to revive the moral decadence among primary school pupils for a better society in the future to come.

Citation: Onuegbu Ijeoma E., Olotu Monisola O.   and Okoroafor N.O. (2022) Home-School Collaboration on the Development of Value Education of Primary School Pupils in Ondo West Local Government Area, British Journal of Education, Vol.10, Issue 4, pp. 22-34

Keywords: Moral Values, Value Education, home-school collaboration

Depreciation of Understanding Lexicon in Traditional Wedding Ceremony in South Tapanuli, Medan (Published)

This research focuses on the oral tradition performed in the traditional wedding ceremony in South Tapanuli. There is one problem discussed in this research that is the depreciation of understanding lexicon in South Tapanuli.  Oral tradition in the traditional wedding ceremony after being revealed has showing well-implicating manner and politeness rooted in South Tapanuli (Angkola, Mandailings, and Batak). Primary data is collected by recording traditional wedding ceremony and the secondary of data is taken through deepest interview with the subject of the research and other samples. The data are classified into 15 groups, the resulting in 264 lexicon, then the lexicon are shared by 240 respondents representing 40 samples in some cities in South Tapanuli.

Keywords: Depreciation, Moral Values, South Tapanuli, Traditional Wedding