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Addressing Patterns in the Angkola Mandailing Through “Biola Na Mabugang” Reconstruction (Published)

This paper deals with the patterns of addressing Angkola Mandailing society. Three aspects of addressing patterns: 1) the classifications, b) the methods and 3) the purposes. It is found seven patterns of addressing people in Mandailing Angkola, namely; i) respect ii) honor iii) helping iv) family building v) intimate relationship vi) problem solving and vii) marriage. Then, the descriptive qualitative method was used to achieve the objectives of the reserach. The data were obtained and analyzed from Biola na Mabugang” text. The findings showed that there are 15 of 33 classifications of addressing found Biola na Mabugang. Then, the patterns of addressing are based on the system of the Dalihan na Tolu (three main kinship elements; kahanggi, mora and anak boru). Last, the existence of parents, children and fellows play an important role in the preservation of  addressing patterns of the Angkola Mandailing society of South Tapanuli Regency.     

Keywords: Anak Boru, Angkola Mandailing, Biola na Mabugang, Kahanggi, Mora, Patterns