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A Comparative Study of the Prevalence of Moonlighting in the Private and Public Sectors of Ekiti State, Nigeria (Published)

Moonlighting has become a toning issue in the management of private and public sectors as there is a growing concern over its implication on efficiency. In this respect, this work investigated the relationship between workers main job and secondary job; and also compared the rate of moonlighting in the private and public sectors of Ekiti State, Nigeria. Primary method of data collection was utilized. Purposive sampling method of non-probabilistic type was adopted. Collected data were analysed using probit method. Results showed that people in managerial and professional cadre held jobs in different professions in the public sector, unlike the private sector. Above all, moonlighting is prevalent in the public sector than private sector. Based on the findings, the study concluded that prevalence of moonlighting in the public sector of Ekiti State may breed disloyal and discontented work force; promote lezzer fair attitude to job and encouraged undue bureaucracy; accommodate inefficient leadership and uncoordinated organizational policy, among others. The study recommended that government and professional bodies should come up with moonlighting policies to checkmate the growing rate of moonlighting among public officers for efficient service delivery and value for money.

Keywords: Prevalence, Public and Private Sectors, moonlighting, primary and secondary job