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Challenges and Prospects of Monitoring of Adult Education Projects and Programmes For Sustainability in Nigeria (Published)

The focus of the paper is on identification of the challenges and prospects of adult education projects and programmes for sustainability in Nigeria. Inadequacy of data, challenge of appropriate interpretation of data, poor utilization of feedback from monitoring, poor funding of monitoring of adult education projects and programmes among others were identified in the paper as the challenges of monitoring of adult education projects and programmes for sustainability in Nigeria. The paper equally identified provision of good information, control of the cost of projects and programmes as well as maintaining the use of good standard as the prospects of monitoring of adult education projects and programmes for sustainability in Nigeria. The paper recommends the need for relevant stakeholders in adult education projects and programmes to understand the efficacy of utilization of feedback from monitoring, the need for many task-team members to have adequate technical knowledge and skills among others for effective monitoring of adult education projects and programmes for sustainability in Nigeria.

Keywords: Challenges, Monitoring, Nigeria, Sustainability, adult education projects

A Comprehensive Survey of Cloud Monitoring (Published)

Cloud monitoring is an undertaking that helps to maintain applications active and perform constantly well. Cloud monitoring services collect a range of information about applications’ performance, storage, servers and networks within a provider’s ecosystem. A well-designed monitoring infrastructure, which does the aforementioned prerequisites, must be scalable and support various important performance parameters. Cloud monitoring is essential for both cloud users and providers. Along with, it is a central tool for managing software and hardware infrastructure. Moreover, it furnishes information and key performance indicators for cloud layer services. In cloud computing, monitoring has two types namely high-level and low-level monitoring. The high-level monitoring is for virtual platform status while the low level is related to the physical infrastructure. Furthermore, two types of cloud network monitoring are underlay and overlay. In this paper, the authors present a comprehensive survey and discussion in respect of high level, low level, underlay and overlay cloud monitoring. A generalize metric grouping for high level, low level, underlay, and overlay cloud monitoring were established. 

Keywords: Cloud, High Level, Low Level, Metrics, Monitoring, Overlay, Underlay


At present distributed computing is one of the most exploited computing platforms with the emerging techniques like cloud computing. Therefore it is becoming essential to understand all features of the distributed computing; by setting up the hardware to applications of several software’s on the distributed systems possibly the most significant factor is “monitoring service”. Distributed Computing System (DCS) aims at attaining higher execution speed than the one obtainable with uni-processor system by exploiting the collaboration of multiple computing nodes interconnected in some fashion. Present paper focused on the importance of DCS and its major role in monitoring data, earlier DCS models which has been developed to monitor data along with its advantages and limitations. Finally paper focuses on cost optimization using DCS in general. Monitoring is an important tool for program visualisation, debugging, testing, and development. Thus there is a need to develop the generic monitoring service to support all aspects of management in a distributed system

Keywords: Distributed Computing, Grid Computing, Monitoring, Publish/Subscribe Systems

Implementation of Direct Fuzzy Controller in Greenhouse Based on Labview (Published)

The techniques for climate control in greenhouse are to tune the crop needs and avoid unnecessary energy consumption. A greenhouse environment is an incredibly complex and dynamic environment. The use of Fuzzy Logic Controllers (FLCs) represents a powerful way to minimize and facilitate management of climate conditions of the modern greenhouse. Since the temperature of greenhouse was important factor that affects the crops growth and the yield, we have designed and investigated a computer based on direct fuzzy Controller for greenhouse temperature control system. In this study, we present the implementation of a fuzzy logic based control system for the regulation of climatic parameters under greenhouse using LabVIEW software through heating and cooling to ensure an exact range of temperature and humidity values. Some graphics user interfaces were developed, under LabVIEW software, for the real-time monitoring of the greenhouse system.

Keywords: Computer based control, Direct fuzzy logic, Greenhouse climate, LabVIEW, Monitoring