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A Three – Parameter Sujatha distribution with Application (Published)

In this paper, a new three-parameter continuous probability distribution is proposed. The new distribution is a modification of ‘’A two-parameter generalization of Sujatha distribution (AGSD)’’ proposed by Shanker et al (2017). Some important statistical properties of the new distribution were derived. The shape of its probability density function is given for selected values of the parameters.  The mathematical expression for the moment generating function, the first four raw moments and the distribution of order statistics has been established. The parameters of the new distribution were estimated using maximum likelihood method. The graph of the hazard function reveals that the distribution has an increasing hazard rate. The flexibility of the new distribution was demonstrated using a real life data set. The goodness of fit showed that the three-parameter distribution gave a better fit than the exponential, Akash, Shanker and Amarendra distributions for the data set used.

Keywords: Hazard function, Moment Generating Function, Order Statistics and Goodness of fit., Probability

On The Modified Extended Generalized Exponential Distribution (Published)

A modification on the extension of generalized exponential distribution due to Olapade (2014) is presented in this paper and some of its properties, such as; The cumulative distribution function, the survival function, the hazard function and it properties, the reverse hazard function, the moment generating function, the  moment about the origin, the median, the percentile point and the associated initial-value problem (IVP) for ordinary differential equation (O.D.E.) are established.

Keywords: Generalized exponential distribution, Initial-Value Problems., Median, Mode, Moment Generating Function, Percentile