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Experimental Investigation of Thermal Conductivity of Woods by Linear Regression Approach (Published)

This research tries to study the experimental investigation  on thermal conductivity of Melina and wall nut  woods using linear regression approach .From the thermal conductivity investigation of woods by linear regression approach , test results show that the values of thermal conductivity for Melina wood falls in the range of  K between  0.002w/mk-1 to 0.007w/mk-1 which is on the low side and the wall nut between 0.0001w/mk-1 to 0.041w/mk-1 which is on the high side .It therefore depicts that Melina has a better  thermal conductivity than wall nut since thermal conductivity of  it (Melina) agrees with the literature that thermal conductivity is better with lower values of K.

Keywords: Linear Regression, Modified Lee Disc, Thermal Conductivity