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The world owing to ICT has taken a different dimension; activities are highly sophisticated and need sophisticated skills and skilled men to handle them. Men who are unskilled and depend on archaic and old fashion way of doing things and carrying out activities are obsolete, out of job or placed at the lower cadre of their profession, an age where mechanization and high level technology is the order of the day. The jetty speed, at which the world moves, requires jetty effort and should be criteria for choice of profession and desired skill to acquire and the level at which it is acquired. The paper therefore put it this way that all skills are skills, but some skills attract more employability than others as a result of the level of excellence attained in them. It’s on this note that the paper on “Skills for Excellence and Employability in the Modern World” will look into the following areas: Characteristics of Excellence, Concept of Employability vis-a-viz the Modern World, Concept of Skills for Excellence vis-a-vix Employed/Employability, Skills for Excellence in the Modern World, conclusion and recommendation.

Keywords: Employability, Excellence, Modern World, Skills