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Impact of Covid-19 on Modal Choice Behaviour of Commuters in Metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria (Published)

Several empirical studies on the COVID-19 pandemic have shown a large reduction in human mobility and a dramatic shift in travel patterns across all modes of transportation. Modal choice behaviour especially in developing cities with less developed transportation infrastructure have been impacted in an unprecedented manner. This paper aims to assess the impacts of covid-19 on modal choice behaviour of commuters in metropolitan Lagos. The comparison was made with the modal choice behaviour of commuters in the metropolis before the pandemic period. To harness the data for impacts during the pandemic, a total of 1,256 commuters’ opinion were sample through structured questionnaires administered mainly by electronic/internet media. It was observed that while the frequencies of modal choices such as private vehicle and walking increased during the pandemic, the frequencies of other modes such as taxi, Keke (tricycles), Danfo (commercial busses0 and BRT (LAGBUS) decreased. Also, the commuting cost of Keke, Danfo and BRT increased significantly. Travel time for BRT and walking mode also increased. In addition to these, about 43% of respondents are of the opinion that shortage/lack of transportation was the most severe impact of the pandemic. This is caused by the limited choices in transportation that exist in the State. It is therefore recommended that there should be a well-balanced transportation system with sustainable alternatives in Lagos metropolis, made available for commuters and at an affordable cost.

Citation: Oloye, R. A. and   Oloruntoba K. (2022) Impact of Covid-19 on Modal Choice Behaviour of Commuters in Metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria, International Journal of Civil Engineering, Construction and Estate Management, Vol.10, No.2, pp.52-69

Keywords: Lagos metropolis, commuting cost, modal choice, transportation acceptability