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Gender and Other Socio-Cultural Factors in Mobile-Based Language Learning (Published)

In East Asia, particularly China, under the deep-rooted influence of Confucianism, many women have been living in a subordinate manner, either consciously or unconsciously. Even when the proportion of girl students at college is almost as half as the total population in higher education, researches show a different narrative in their mindset. As for this study, the focus is on gender and other socio-cultural issues in mobile-based language learning through a learning management system (Blackboard) in a MBA program at Shenzhen University, China. The participants are 138 students (68 male, 70 female) who were enrolled in Fall 2018. In line with Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, this study explored the gender and other socio-cultural factors in mobile-based language learning and tried to set up a mechanism for an effective learning mode, where tasks/projects are designed in such a way that woman students may become aware of their conscious/unconscious mentality of being subordinate, and hopefully enhance their self-esteem to be aspiring in their future career.

Keywords: Dimensions, Language, learning socio-cultural, mobile-based