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The aim of vocational education is oriented toward sustainable performance that can contribute to the country development. A mission is of great importance to the organizations as well as for vocational high schools since it promotes vision, values and its goals. It communicates not only to the employees but to the stakeholders and provides the basis for the priorities, strategic plans and work tasks of the organization. The paper focuses on the mission statements of Macedonian vocational high schools posted on their web sites. By content analysis, the research has the aim to evident the presence of mission statement and its elements – words that support entrepreneurial spirit, like: entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, self-employment. Aside from determining the focus of interest of vocational high schools and their readiness to develop entrepreneurial skills, the research results can contribute to promoting the quality of the mission statements of the vocational high schools.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Mission statements content analysis, Strategic Management, Vocational education