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A Review of Literature on the Concept, Motivations and Factors affecting the Successes of Veteran Entrepreneurs (Published)

The beam light is now shifting to veteran entrepreneurs because of their contribution to business creation. The life experience during military service provide veterans with certain capabilities and skills that are directly related to entrepreneurship. Although veterans’ entrepreneurship is a fast-growing domain in entrepreneurship literature, there is little systematic knowledge about it in developing nations like Nigeria, thus, creating a literature gap. This chapter fills the research void in Nigeria by extensively reviewing of literature on veteran entrepreneurship to enable an understanding of veteran experiences in the enterprise journey and as well as awaken researchers’ interest on the subject. The paper unravels the motivations of veterans in business. The paper also covers the concept of veteran entrepreneurship and factors affecting the successes of veteran entrepreneurs. This study is important as it informs policy makers the factors that influence veteran entrepreneurs to enable policy decisions that can mitigate veterans challenges in business.


Keywords: Motivational Factors, Nigeria, drivers of vetrepreneurs, military entrepreneurship, veteran entrepreneurs, vetrepreneurship