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Defence Policy Foresight | Military Warfare Ecosystem (Published)

The rules of war and its character has change, military doctrine now thrives in chaos, where military policy and defence strategy has merged as ‘critical thinking ecosystem’, where ‘everything matter’ because ‘today war’, is ‘not declared’ and dynamics of future conflict, ‘unrestricted’ underscores defence policy formulation. ‘The United States military doctrine of ‘The Joint Force 2020 concept’ with integrated capabilities and the use of robotic and artificial intelligence apparatus for decision making is taking on a mass character. Russia military doctrine employs, ‘multi-domain operations’ in the diplomatic, information, cyber, economic, and military domains for regional hegemony. Both military powers seek ‘defence foresight’ to manage their national interests outside of their borders of its territory using ‘high-precision weaponry and proxies’. Its execution requires the optimization of global strategic posture into the ‘instruments of power’ termed ‘warfare ecosystem’ schema – iterated exploration of alternatives paths for results that, ‘optimize risk and uncertainty’, with the principles of minimum regrets, flexibility, versatility and adaptability encapsulate the ‘warfare strategy’ as a wicked problem. The construct of space infrastructure capabilities today remains the final frontier for defence policy formulation that, ruthlessly attack inefficiencies of defence posture of modern military strategic thinking to migrate into ‘warfare ecosystem’ foresight.

Keywords: Military Doctrine, defence foresight, defence policy, military strategy, multi-domain operations, national interest, special military forces., warfare ecosystem, wicked problem

Military Doctrine in International Relations Strategy for the Arab Countries and the Big Powers (Published)

All Life is readiness for a huge thing that may not happen at all). The military doctrine is the basic concept for the security of the State concerned, also seeks to formulate goals and tasks of the military policy of the state, and the identification of priority interests, and to express  its position on issues of war and areas of use of military force and the drafting of combat missions assigned to the forces of the state in time of war or peace, and the diagnosis of the nature of the actual and potential military threats against the state, and the nature of future war that can be plugged in the state, as well as for characterization methods by which to repel any aggression by military means, and to develop new concepts of military strategies, and guidance of preparation of the State for the purpose of defending the territory of the State and the safety of its soil. The differences between religious belief and military doctrine. Some people who were not familiar with the term “military doctrine” that this term is given by a specific researcher or some academics or that the use of metaphor for the phrase “doctrine”, or something else similar; but many interested readers know that the military doctrine or army dogma as it is known, in some countries in the world is the basis corner for the definition of a army and military force. The military side includes the military doctrine, combat doctrine or creed combat and focus of the combat doctrine to direct destruction of the armed forces of the enemy, that means the combat doctrine in this sense, means the adoption of principles, methods and tactics of certain aims to destroy the armed force of the enemy side. There are a lot of military doctrines in this aspect, such as the doctrine of realistic intimidation: adopted by the United States and studied in the Soviet military schools previously, chosen here to highlight the concept of military doctrine in this paper. The Doctrine of hybrid war dominates the world’s conflicts and make it more complex, strategic analysts consider that the ‘hybrid wars’ blends the deadly conflict of the State with fanatical zeal and prolonged in irregular warfare.

Keywords: Big Powers, Military Doctrine, Military Strategies, Role of the Army