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Influence of Micro-Teaching On the Teaching Aptitude of Business Education Students in Colleges of Education in South West Nigeria (Published)

Micro-teaching aims at making pre-service teachers adopt and acquire the roles and behaviours they will have in the classroom with success motivation. Without viable teaching aptitude, success will be merely a wishful thinking. Therefore, this study explores the influence of micro-teaching on the teaching aptitude of Business Education students in Colleges of Education in South West Nigeria.  The study adopted survey research design of ex-post facto type and the population comprised of all NCE III students in Business Education Department during 2019/2020 academic session that were posted to the field for teaching practice in all state and federal owned Colleges of Education in South-West Nigeria.  A total number of 1360 student teachers in business education participated in the study using multistage sampling technique. Two research questions and hypothesis were answered and tested respectively in the study. Two validated instruments were used for data collection; Students Micro-teaching Assessment Rating Scale (SMARS) and Micro-teaching on Teaching Aptitude Questionnaire (MTAQ) (=0.96). Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Multiple Regression. Findings revealed that under the established norms and to a very great extent teaching aptitude was very high among Business Education students. The finding further showed that micro-teaching significantly contributes (F (1, 1358) = 4.484, p < .05, ß =.132 t (1358) = 3.676, p< 0.05) to teaching aptitude of Business Education students. The study concluded that micro-teaching is one of the most influential factors that enhanced Business Education students in Colleges of Education level of teaching aptitude and performance in teaching practice. It was therefore recommended, among others, that the College management should enhanced and sustain a healthy micro-teaching courses to achieve its mission objectives and boost aptitude to teaching of pre-service teachers nationwide.

Keywords: Micro-Teaching, business education students, student teacher, teaching aptitude

From Theory to Practice: Pre-Service Teachers’ Experience (Published)

The aim of the study was to investigate pre-service teachers’ perspectives of their training programme based on the off-campus teaching practice they engaged in as well as challenges faced. The study adopted the mixed method approach.  The sample for the study was 196 students who were final year students of the Catholic University College of Ghana, Fiapre. Questionnaire was developed to elicit responses for the participants. The study revealed positive perspectives of the participants on the preparatory programme. They were also able to apply the professional knowledge and skills gained in the classroom indicating a smooth transition of theory to practice. However, the study participants reported some challenges encountered, which need to be addressed by the schools where the pre-teachers go for internship to enhance such future exercises.

Keywords: Internship, Micro-Teaching, Theory, practice