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Sedimentary Tunnel-Type Basin Geomodel for the Hydrocarbons of the Volga-Urals Province or the New Strong Solution of Navier-Stokes Equation for Deformed Porous Media (Published)

Subsurface diagenesis is related with the phenomena of high pressure, deformation moments, temperatures and physical/chemical reactions. Geo-dynamical de-compaction of impulse character for the tunneling of the formations in relation with the resonant moments of deformation arranges local and global multi-scale stratified porous fractures lithological traps of diagenesis. Microscopic anisotropy of vertical permeability is related with micro-structure super-conductivity, plastic de-compaction and development of fractures as per Poisson and Young along with the structural phenomenological compaction of viscous-elastic matrix. Here we present the analytic overview and analysis of Navier-Stokes equation solutions for the development of porous media through the geological evolution of permeability and diffusive conductivity of matrix as per new Darcy – Fick’s Law for orbital emission of subduction with Euro-Asian oceans and their triplex form of unloading through the examples of Zhiguli dislocation in Samara trans-Volga region and generalized saturation of middle part of the Urals.

Keywords: Diffusion, Micro-Structure, Relaxation., Reservoir Contacts, Seismic Emission, Zhigulevsk Break