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Increasing Student’s Interpersonal Intelligence by Using “Metinggo Ulo” Games In Adhyaksa Xii Kindergarten Kendari (Published)

This research  aimed to know the application of  “metinggo ulo” as an educative games in increasing student’s interpersonal intelligence of Adhyaksa Kindergarten XII in Kendari. The subject of the research are all of the students at B1 class in Adhyaksa Kindergarten XII Kendari that has the total students 30 persons. The result of the research it show that at the second cycle, there are changes from first cycle. At the first cycle, the acquirenment score mostly less than 63.33%, all of the studens are increase althout their acquirenment score are various. At the second cycle, the classical completios increase for 8 students in or 33.33% from 29 students or 96.67 %. So that, based one the classical completion standard which counted 70 %, the result at the second cycle  shows the students in B1 class has complete in Metinggo Ulo as a games which is aimed  to increase the student’s interpersonal intelligence with the classical completion which counted for 96.67 %.The conclution of the research is by “metinggo ulo” games, can increase student’s interpersonal intelligence. This case can be seen at the first cycle  where students who where complete counted for 63.33 %, and at the second cycle  students who are complete counted for 96,67 %, when it is consulted to the objective of this research.

Keywords: Interpersonal Intelligence, Metinggo Ulo Game, Students