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A Review of Metadiscourse (Published)

Metadiscourse is often called “discourse about discourse”. Since Harris first put forward the term metadiscourse in 1959, metadiscourse has become a research hotspot in the field of discourse analysis, language teaching, and pragmatics. The classification of metadiscourse is mostly based on Vande Kopple’s classification. This paper introduces the definition and classification of metadiscourse

Citation: Chen Chen (2021) A Review of Metadiscourse,  International Journal of English Language Teaching, Vol.9, No.6, pp., 82-85

Keywords: Classification, Metadiscourse, metadiscouse

College Students’ Use of Metadiscourse across Two Languages: A Case of College Students at the College of Basic Education, Kuwait (Published)

This study investigates college students’ use of metadiscoursal markers across two languages: Arabic and English. It is a corpus-based study of 25 female college students’ essays of approximately 500 running words from each student. The results reveal that in both languages students have frequently used more interactive resources than interactional resources. It also reveals that there are many differences of the use of metadiscoursal markers between the English and Arabic corpora. The findings of this study suggest some teaching implications which include the incorporation of metadiscoursal markers into the school curriculum at all levels. Teachers should raise the awareness of their students of the typical features of metadiscoursal markers, which are associated with both the English and Arabic languages, so that the students may establish a stronger interaction with their informational content and readers, as well as teachers becoming more sensitive to, and knowledgeable about, metadiscoursal markers and their use in different discourse communities and cultures.

Keywords: College students, Metadiscourse, corpus-based analysis, interactional resources, interactive resources

Metadiscourse in Academic Genres: An Interdisciplinary Study of Research Articles in Sudan (Published)

Metadiscourse is a ubiquitous aspect of all academic discourse in its attempt to align with readers, and, hence, this study purports to investigate cross-disciplinary variations in its deployment in 60 research articles produced locally by Sudanese academicians in six domains. Utilizing Hyland’s (2005) typology, the corpora were compared in terms of patterns of metadiscourse and how these strands represent the Weltanschauung of particular discourse communities. Findings indicate that the corpus is characterized by a relative oblivion to the needs of readers. On the other hand, the dichotomy between interpretive discursive and natural incremental fields was borne out by the statistics. This is manifest in the preponderance of overall features in the former, together with their proclivity to draw on more interpersonal elements to establish rapport. The study has also uncovered marked deviations in the ratios of hedging, boosters and attitude markers in Chemistry and Civil Engineering compared to studies of sociology of knowledge. Yet, subtle, but significant, distinctions in the linguistic embodiment of these categories were found to set these disciplines apart from Economy and Applied Linguistics. Finally, the epistemologically contingent nature of Medicine and the empirical tendencies within Geography were positively correlated with their metadiscourse figures. The implications for teaching academic discourse are also explored.

Keywords: Discipline, Interpersonal, Metadiscourse, Research Articles, Textual