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The Impact of a Training Program Based on an Integrative Approach on Improving Teaching Practices and Metacognitive Thinking Skills among Practical Studies’ Teachers in the State of Kuwait (Published)

This study aimed to investigate the impact of a training program based on an integrative approach on improving teaching practices and metacognitive thinking skills among practical studies’ teachers in the State of Kuwait. The study followed the pre-experimental approach, and in order to achieve the objectives of the study, a training program was built based on the approach of integrative teaching, and a observation card was developed according to the classroom practices survey questionnaire prepared by the regional educational laboratory of the central continent of America for the year 1994, to measure the teaching practices of the study individuals. From (25) teaching practices, a test was also created to measure metacognitive thinking skills, which consisted of (10) essay questions. The study was applied on a sample of (8) teachers of practical studies teachers in the middle school stage. The study found that there was a statistically significant effect of using the training program based on the integrated teaching approach in improving teaching practices and metacognitive thinking among the study individuals.

Keywords: : training program, Teaching practices, integrative teaching approach, metacognitive thinking.