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Towards an Improved Method of Merchandising Indigo Dyed Fabrics in Abeokuta Metropolis (Published)

The study is a novel research into the merchandising of indigo fabric in Abeokuta, Ogun state Nigeria. The study population was in two major categories; the consumers of the products and the traditional indigo merchants. The sample frame for the indigo merchant was 69 while the calculated number of end users, using cochran equation was 385. The data collected for the study were analyzed using descriptive statistic. The results obtained were presented, analyzed and discussed in tables and the statistical package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 11 was employed in the data analyses and interpretation. The result shows that there was adequate awareness of indigo dyed fabrics in Abeokuta despite the patronage is low. This is as a result of inadequate merchandising techniques, inadequate market spread, high price, poor packaging and design that are not market oriented but stereotyped.

Keywords: Patronage, Techniques, awareness, fabric, indigo, merchandising