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Unlocking the Mysteries of the Origins of the 1966 Ugandan Constitutional Crisis (Published)

Although it is partly valid that Obote’s aggressive stance on Buganda and Buganda’s regionalism had a role to play in the outbreak of the 1966 Ugandan Constitutional crisis, this study challenges the notion that its occurrence was largely as a result of the above. It calls for the re-examination of the underlying social and political forces that led to its outbreak as there is overwhelming evidence of the role played by the residual effects of colonialism. Indeed the 1966 constitutional coup is still ingrained in the memory and history of Ugandans and is thus often referred to, however, the absence of a formal commission of inquiry into the precipitating factors that led to the crisis means that there is little clarity regarding the fundamental causes. This study is thus the first to offer a detailed critical analysis of these causes.Using the historical method to inform the research design; the study employs an archival history methodology to show that the internal political dynamics that operated in the post-colonial era which brought about the crisis were all related to the effects of 68 years of British colonial rule.

Keywords: Buganda, Constitutional Crisis, Mengo Establishment