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The Integration into the European Structures contains inside an old dream for Albanians. The consolidation of democracy, the rule of law, everything is concluded into 12 Recommendations which should represent the process of democracy and the transformations of the Institutions towards the standards of European Union. Integrity can not be seen as a goal itself, but as a natural process towards of which our State and Society should go. In this paper the Integration of Albania into the European Union will be seen in a pragmatics way, by appreciating on concrete terms how possible and willingly is the implementation process and the applications of these duties for becoming a member of European Union. For this reason the contribution and appreciation will be made according to Copenhagen Criteria(1993),Madrid(1995),Treaty of European Union(Article 6,49),the Progress-Reports of the Commission about Albania and some other legal domestic documents and acquis communautaire . In fact European Union has gave to Albania the candidate status, this mean that Albania have the potential power to be integrated into EU , the matter now is not “if” but “when” is this going to happen?

Keywords: Copenhagen criteria, Membership’s obligating, political criteria