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Pre-extension demonstration and evaluation of Melkassa maize varieties in selected AGP-II districts of Harari region and Dire Dawa administration (Published)

Pre-extension demonstration and evaluation of early maturing maze varieties with the objectives of promoting and popularizing was conducted in the production season of 2017/2018. The activity was also initiated with additional objectives of creating awareness, improving farmers’ knowledge and skills through training and enhancing stakeholders’ participation. A total of fifteen (15) trial farmers were selected from two potential Maize growing kebeles of Dire Dawa administration and one from Harari region. Three FREG having 45 farmers were established each kebele .Two improved maize varieties (Melkassa-2 and Melkassa-6) were planted on a plot of 40mx40m per variety. Trial farmers were used as replication. Training on which a total of 39 participants and field day on which 107 participants took part were also organized at Dire Dawa and Harari region. Melkassa maize varieties were evaluated based on their early maturity, yield and disease tolerance. Agronomic data and yield data were collected and analyzed using descriptive statistics. Based on the yield data 21.6qt/ha and 23.6 qt/ha were obtained from Melkassa-6 and Melkassa-2 varieties respectively.Melkassa-2 has 9.3% yield advantage over Melkassa-6. Thus Melkassa-2 ranked first by yield, Melkassa-6 second and both varieties are recommended for scaling up.     

Keywords: Dire Dawa and Harari districts, Melkassa Maize, improved varieties