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Age, Income, and Medico-Obstetric History as Predictors of Anxiety and Psychological Well-Being among Pregnant Women in Ibadan (Published)

The objective of the study is to examined age, income, and medico-obstetric history as predictors of anxiety and psychological well-being among pregnant women in the third trimester. The participants involved 92 pregnant women with the mean age of 29.61 years (S.D. = 4.42, range = 19.42 years). The study employed one-way factorial design.  The state anxiety inventory (STAI), and the general psychological well-being questionnaire were the instruments used. The result of the analysis using anova, and independent t-test showed that the older pregnant women would experience lesser anxiety than the younger women (t = 3.68, df = 90; P <. 05). The psychological well-being of older pregnant women will be higher than younger pregnant women (t =2.06; df = 74; P <.05).  Higher income earners exhibited lesser anxiety than lower income earners (F-test = 4.951; df = 91; P <.0091). Higher income earners showed more psychological stable than the lower income earners (F- test = 5.867, df = 75, P<.0043). And that the psychological wellbeing of pregnant women with poorer medico-obstetric history was lesser than those without medico-obstetric history (t = 2.636, df = 80; p <.05).  Further studies could investigate women from an entire different culture.

Keywords: Age, Anxiety, Income, Psychological well-being, medico-obstetric, pregnancy