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Medical Textiles in Government Hospitals (Published)

This study assessed the medical textiles in hospitals in Abakaliki Urban, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. The study ascertained the availability and the utilization of medical textiles in government hospitals in the area of study. Two research questions guided the study. The study adopted descriptive survey research design. The population of the study was 800 staff of the two government hospitals in area of study. Stratified sampling technique was used to arrive at 160 respondents used for the study. Questionnaire was used for data collection and data collected was analyzed using frequency and mean. Finding include that medical textiles are not enough in the government hospitals and medical textiles are not also effectively utilized in the area of study. It was recommended that medical personnel in the area of study should insist on provision of proper and enough medical textiles before working and that the government should provide antimicrobial protection for the workers in the hospitals.

Keywords: Availability, Hospital Protection, Medical Textile, Utilization