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Correlation of the job satisfaction of Medical Technologist-Frontliners in a public tertiary hospital in Manila: Their implications to clinical laboratory science profession during the COVID-19 pandemic (Published)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the medical workforce was placed at the forefront of the battle, with medical technologists playing a central role in processing specimens. This aims to investigate the correlation between job satisfaction of Medical Technologists working in a public tertiary hospital located in Manila with the hygiene factors brought about by the pandemic. Quantitative research design was used following descriptive statistics and correlation analysis. Two standardized survey questionnaires were distributed to 42 participants. First was to assess their job satisfaction, while the other focused on their perceptions towards hygiene factors. Overall, results showed a strong correlation between job satisfaction and hygiene factors (r=0.639), with working conditions being the most influential (r=0.621), and that job satisfaction was held in ambivalence. The study recognized the need to reassess the pay/salary, promotion, fringe benefits, contingent rewards and operating conditions to improve their overall job satisfaction.

Keywords: COVID-19 pandemic, Job Satisfaction, medical technologist