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21st Century Medical Records (Published)

Computer science, information technology and Engineering are changing the face of Medicine in our generation. The dividing line between Computer science, information technology and Engineering as per medicine/biology and medicine is becoming thinner and thinner by the day (will be minimal in the nearest future). Computer science and engineering, information technology and biology are bridging this gap. Bioinformatics, comes in to do the magic in combining biological sciences with informatics; aimed at bringing out basic life features with successful computational medicines, information technology and skills in applying vast amount of biological information in genomics, proteomics , molecular medicine, clinical decision support and informatics, predicting functional structures (DNA,-RNA-proteins-lipids-carbohydrates), medical records or electronics health records or health care information systems, Bio-identification or identity management, Biomedical intelligence, Clinical Data Analysis, forensic analysis, crop improvement, veterinary science, diagnostics and drug designing /new pharmacology techniques. This has helped to reduce time of medical diagnosis, treatment and healing/cure. It’s already reviewing new ways of looking at medical sciences. This paperwill focus on 21stCentury medical records with the hope of a better and professional management of patient’s medical information/history; compared with present realities, integrated with cloud computing/distributed systems (to make treatment to be more efficient for the good of man). This will help reduce error in treatment to the barest minimum; bringing out the best in our healthcare providers.

Keywords: Bioinformatics., Cloud Computing, Medical Records