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Another Look at the Possibilities and Challenges of Citizen Journalism in Nigeria: A Narrative Review (Published)

This paper highlights the possibilities and challenges of citizen journalism. A narrative literature review was employed as the method of analysis. Data sources included web of science and Google scholar. The study highlighted that citizen journalism offers professional and non-professional journalists alike opportunities to be active participants in news content creation. Revealing the negative aspect of citizen journalism, the study postulate that in as much as citizen journalism has no editors (gatekeepers) to verify the truth on news and information disseminated, it, therefore, has no credibility and authenticity source because, in the world of endless information, credibility is an essential ingredient for information seekers. To curtail some of the issues affecting citizen journalism/participation, the study recommends that participants (citizen journalists) should try as much as possible to ensure that their news and information are edited by professionals before they are published.

Keywords: Citizen Journalism, Credibility, Information, gatekeepers, media professionals